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Car door and car key touch switch

Aug. 29, 2020

Modern car door "handle" requires a more sophisticated switch technology, so that car designers can be sure that there will be no component failure, because it may interfere with important vehicle functions, such as the door lock of passive entry system, or even more seriously, it may affect the door hole of new electronic door lock.

You may be surprised at how many different components, systems, and other features are used in the composition and operation of a car door handle - the door "handle" hand may protrude from the exterior surface of the car, or integrate with the streamlined body. In some vehicles, especially in luxury vehicles, the door "handle" is equipped with a keyless entry plate with a digital code or thumb code scanning. A key (non pun) door handle element for further discussion is the car key.

The door handle of the car can be matched with the modern car key, so that the user can open and lock the door remotely, usually in the shape of a small plastic controller. The vehicle key contains a short range radio transmitter and must operate within the specified range of the vehicle. When the button is pressed, it transmits the coded signal to the receiver unit in the vehicle through the radio wave, which locks or unlocks the door.

Car door and car key touch switch

Depending on the make, model and / or age of the vehicle, the vehicle key can have any number or type of buttons on its plastic housing. These buttons are used to lock or unlock a door, boot, or other vehicle access point. In some cars, car keys can also be used to close and open windows and / or retractable roofs. Some remote controls also have an emergency button to activate the car alarm as a safety function. Since the car key is equipped with a short-range radio transmitter, the designer also needs to comply with the radio transmission regulations, so any modification of the car key by the manufacturer must be subject to government review and qualification certification.

Car door and car key touch switch

There are so many car brands that choose to use remote key operated doors, design challenges related to tactile feedback and radio emission regulations, as well as the absolute number of switch combinations per car that may affect pricing, more need for high-quality and customizable touch switches, micro switches (such as Dongguan Hongju electronic touch switches) to provide power for these innovative functions. With its unparalleled customization design capability, Dongguan Hongju electronics can customize the switch for each individual car key according to customer needs, government regulations and competitive prices.

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